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Due to the impact of the epidemic, we have a renewed understanding of bacteria and viruses, health and hygiene requirements in daily life more stringent, the family began to prepare a variety of sterilizers, but also began to stock up on a variety of epidemiological protective supplies masks, alcohol swabs, medical alcohol, clothing decontamination solution, etc.; and even some of the medical sterilization equipment will also be included in the procurement list.
Some experts have done tests, Every day before going out and coming home after the body of bacteria comparison, go out after the body of bacteria than before going out of the amount of bacteria more than 10 times, accompanied by items to go out will also carry attached harmful bacteria. Masks have become a must-have travel, go out masks are exposed to the air for a long time, will also make it come into contact with a variety of germs. It is reported that most of the residents, the mask is used for about 8 hours, after the use of masks are generally stored in the bag, pocket or hand on the table, unaware that the mask is stored in the same environment is also bacteria, followed by repeated use of masks, will only aggravate the contamination of the mask.
During the epidemic, only masks are the guarantee of safety protection, and we should pay more attention to the care and protection of masks. Masks are easily attached to bacteria, generally is not recommended for secondary use, should be thrown away immediately after use, but many people in order to facilitate the convenience of saving time or saving resources directly to the mask into the pocket and bag, masks continue to be used after the second pollution, this habit is very bad.
Here to recommend a small and portable mask sterilizer, to give the mask a clean storage environment, but also can kill the mask bacteria, help to do a good job of safety protection. Masks can be stored directly into the mask sterilizer after use, press the switch only 2 minutes to complete the sterilization, sterilization is completed after the mask can be used continuously, applicable to disposable masks & medical masks!。
Compared with the traditional sterilization box sterilization method, it adopts UVC + UVA double combination of ultraviolet light, high efficiency sterilization, sterilization visible, and the inner wall of the high reflectivity of special materials will increase the sterilization efficiency by 10 times, sterilization rate as high as 99.99%. And it is also not only used for mask sterilization, but also for small jewelry, earrings, earrings, small beauty and nail art small objects.
SANDIAN Mask Sterilizer, compact and portable, can be sterilized anytime, anywhere, the appearance of the piano baking varnish texture, seven colors to choose from, with a silicone lanyard, more convenient to carry; Type-c charging port is equipped with a silicone plug, which is effective in dustproof and waterproof; closed sterilization space, do not have to worry about UV exposure, with a transparent window, the purple light is lit up when you are working, and the security of the naked eye visible! Mask storage, sterilization and disinfection in one go, good electric mask sterilizer, a good helper for safety and protection!

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