Shenzhen Sandian Technology Co., LTD.

Company Profile: Founded in 2019 and located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Shenzhen Sandian Technology Co., Ltd. is a vibrant and innovative company. The company focuses on the manufacture of human health and safety products, integrating R&D and design, production and sales, and service. The products cover consumer household electronic products, new energy power energy-saving and environmental protection products, medical and health products, outdoor sports products and so on.

The company adheres to the concept of "honesty and integrity, work with heart", the pursuit of excellence in product quality, conscientious service attitude. We always insist on winning the market with quality and service. At present, we have developed and produced mask steriliser, jumping helmet cover, TPU helmet shatterproof film and other products. Bringing new technology into life, we facilitate safe travelling and healthy life for human beings.

What we bring to society

Value to the user

Bringing health to mankind

Promoting healthy development of the industry

To make the human life Better

Design & Technology

Since its inception, SANDIAN has been pursuing technology to improve human health. The core technology and innovative design give life to each product, making everyone feel more at ease and secure when using it!


  • SANDIAN Technology
    SANDIAN Technology
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    New Product Launch Moments
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    SANDIAN Dinner Party Moments
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    Souvenir of The New Product Launch
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