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For riders, safe travel this sentence has been heard countless times, our pursuit of speed, yearning for freedom without constraints on the way of life, often have to put the safety of the first step, to learn to protect themselves, riding to wear a good helmet, especially when the motorcycle and electric car, the speed of the car is faster, we need to wear a good full helmet, all-round protection of our head.

But the full helmet is not foolproof, its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the front baffle, the baffle part is very fragile, and rainy days water will be very blurred line of sight, out of the sun sunlight will be very harsh, so it is easy to accidents, according to the data show that 80% of the accidents are due to blurred line of sight caused by the occurrence of accidents, the most prone to bursting of the front baffle, the fragments resulting from the bursting of the body is also very easy to cause secondary injuries to the human body.


This situation has now also improved, withSANDIAN TPU Visor Shatterproof Film , The use of TPU a new generation of polyurethane material, no odor, explosion-proof and waterproof, anti-oil anti-glare, easy and fast installation, wear-resistant and durable life long, a film to solve all the problems, do not have to worry about helmet lens scratching, can not see the road, do not have to worry about water and oil stains adhere to, a wipe that is clean. Encounter security accidents also do not have to worry about the lens broken on the body to produce damage, ultra-high toughness, visible security, right in front of you!

Life we will encounter a lot of very small problems, but some small problems can become a big security risks, safe travel is the same, we do not ignore every detail, good electricity helmet shatterproof film, so that safe travel into a kind of enjoyment, more than that, a security, double guarantee, two pieces of packaging can make your helmet blocking full armor, to do the real impeccable!


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