What is the best way to protect your mask during an epidemic? Do mask sterilizers work?

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The epidemic has unknowingly broken out for two years. Within two years, the epidemic has gone back and forth, and we have experienced too much in these two years, both good and bad, with tears and laughter! In the face of the outbreak, we have gone from not knowing what to do at the beginning to coping with it openly now. We have learned how to protect our families while protecting ourselves.

Over the past two years, our country has also taken up the responsibility that a great nation should have and actively participated in the global war against the epidemic, from the export of masks to the export of vaccines, we have been at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic at every turn! The people have also followed our country's call, from universal nucleic acid, free vaccines, to safe travel, and masks have gradually become part of our lives.

Some analysts report that about 52 billion masks were produced globally in 2020, of which at least 1.56 billion went into the oceans due to mishandling. The mask material is mainly a component of plastic, composed of polypropylene, which is a non-biodegradable plastic, and if it is thrown into the natural environment, it is difficult for the biological system to digest and absorb it. So we do a good job of epidemic prevention at the same time, but also need to replace the mask in a timely manner, and the correct handling of masks, ordinary medical masks used once, we do not rush to throw away, it can be reused, for the disposable masks, worn continuously for 4 hours, contamination and moisture, to be replaced immediately. That for mask reuse we have no better way to reduce the number of masks discarded, increase the service life of the mask?


By chance I learned about a product for sanitizing masks called"Mask Sterilizer"。 It's not one of those big and home use only sanitizer boxes you see on the market. SANDIAN Mask Sterilizer is lightweight and portable, can be placed in your pocket or bag, and can be taken out anytime, anywhere to sterilize masks. the combination of UVA + UVC plus high reflectivity material wall, the sterilization effect will be increased by 10 times, the disinfection time is only 120 seconds, compared with similar disinfection box shortened more than 2 times the time, and can effectively increase the service life of masks, reduce the environmental pollution caused by mask disposal. It can also effectively increase the service life of the mask and reduce the environmental pollution caused by discarding the mask.

Everyone's mask storage problem has been improved, usually take down the mask do not know where to put, pockets, bags, desks are full of all kinds of bacteria, it is easy to cause secondary contamination of the mask, the second time you wear the mask will have this kind of mentality, the mask sterilizer is a good solution to this problem, you can make your mask sterile all day long, and even usually wear jewelry earrings can be placed in the inside of the sterilization! Sterilization, do really belong to your mobile“Sterilizer”!

SANDIAN Mask SterilizerRemind everyone that whether it is epidemic prevention or environmental protection we all need to participate in, do a good job of epidemic prevention at the same time, we also need to control the number of masks discarded, care for our environment. Epidemic will only last a few years, but masks in the natural environment degradation needs decades or even hundreds of years, as long as each of us every day less discard a mask, are in the environmental protection to make a great contribution.

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