How to do personal protection under the epidemic when visiting friends in Spring Festival? SANDIAN Technology tells you!

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With epidemics raging and viruses mutating, masks have become a must-have for traveling.

Because we all know that "disease enters by the mouth ", a lot of viruses and bacteria are through the oral cavity to enter our bodies, oral health issues can not be ignored, especially the current epidemic, so that we are more aware of this, in order to their own and other people's safety and health, we are conscious of wearing a mask. And do not know the mask we often wear and take, take and wear, but also very easy to cause the second growth of bacteria. So we need a product that can both sterilize the mask and meet the storage and carrying.

I recommend this Good Electric Mask Sterilizer, compact and lightweight with a beautiful design! Whether at home, office or travel is a preferred sterilization artifact, suitable for disposable masks & medical masks.

Compared with the traditional disinfection box, it is more compact and portable, can be applied to a variety of scenarios, to achieve the real efficient disinfection at any time, anywhere, the combination of UVA + UVC + high reflectivity material inner wall will increase the sterilization efficiency by 10 times, only 120 seconds to complete the sterilization and disinfection, sterilization rate of up to 99.99%.

Life commonly used small jewelry, rings necklaces earrings these are also often overlooked, however, there may also be pathogenic bacteria on it, usually back home or play can be used to disinfect the good electricity mask sterilizer to disinfect, to use it as an organizer is also a good idea, the diamond-shaped design, the texture of the piano baking varnish, seven colors to choose from, it looks full of sense of science and technology!

The mask sterilizer also comes with a silicone lanyard, Type-c charging cable, a silicone plug for the charging port, which can effectively protect against dust and water, closed sterilization, no need to worry about UV exposure, transparent window, purple light on when working, and a sense of security visible to the naked eye! Save your heart and effort, very worth to get a product. Share it with everyone. Hurry up and amenable to your friends around you!

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